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Cathodic Protection Cable is utilized specifically to protect important structures from corrosion. Sometimes referred to as CPC, Cathodic Protection Cable is used to protect pipelines, water tanks/hot water heaters, ships, boats & marine construction areas, storage tanks, well casings, steel structures, chemical plants, bridge construction, and other industries exposed to corrosive elements (salt or brackish water, chlorine, etc.). Quality is critical for every use of Cathodic Protection Cable because if your cable fails, your structure will eventually fail as well.

So what would constitute a Cathodic Protection Cable you can trust to withstand such applications and protect important structures from corrosion? This article will detail for you what to look for when shopping for Cathodic Protection Cable and will help you learn how to select a cable you can be confident will stand up to your application.

What matters when selecting your Cathodic Protection Cable? 

When it comes to cathodic protection, you need to select a cable that has been proven to withstand the harshest environments without compromising electric current or function. The elements below are aspects you should look for when buying Cathodic Protection Cable:

Insulation & Jacketing 

There are often 3 Cathodic Protection Cable constructions to choose from – all of which Kalas manufactures. They are:

With each construction, the copper conductor is covered with a polyethylene plastic proven to be able to be buried, withstand corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, and maintain flexibility for ease of use and long cable life.


If you find a Cathodic Protection Cable without proven use from years of customer experience – beware! With so much on the line when in the field of Cathodic Protection, proven safety for your cable is crucial. At Kalas, we have 60 years of backed history in cable construction to assure you we know what we are doing and are able to create the specialized cable you need, and have decades of customer experience to assure you of our Cathodic Protection Cable’s reliable construction.

Our Cathodic Protection Cable meets requirements ASTM D 1248 I, Class A, Cat.4 Grade E5 and is proven to remain safe and reliable in temperatures up to 75°C. Always choose a Cathodic Protection Cable that touts proven safety and reliability over time.


You want to make sure you’re selecting a cable that will not compromise connectivity so your corrosion protection is sound. With each of our Cathodic Protection Cables, you are assured of excellent connectivity with their bare copper conforming to ASTM B-8 that is drawn & stranded in-house so we can scrutinize and control each stage of the process for superior assurance of quality.


A combination of our copper stranding and insulation allows exceptional flexibility which helps each industry and application. This is something you want to look for and have assurance it will not lose flexibility or effectiveness over time.

Why Buy Cathodic Protection Cable from Kalas?

Buying Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is a good decision based on our superior quality backed with an over 60-year history of excellence in the cable manufacturing industry and decades manufacturing Cathodic Protection Cable to longstanding customers.

Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is extremely durable. As stated above our cathodic cables meet the requirements of ASTM D 1248 I, Class A, Cat.4 Grade E5, and are proven to operate in temperatures up to 75°C while maintaining resistance to abrasion, corrosion, sunlight, water, burial, and more.

Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable has had proven results. We have more than 60 years in manufacturing copper wire & cable, touting a history of expertise and quality. Therefore we are able to put our customers’ minds at ease by assuring they are receiving a product manufactured by experts in the field and vetted through experience. Specifically, when it comes to our Cathodic Protection Cable, we have been in the field for many decades with proven results from customers we consider our partners. When you buy Kalas CPC, you also get a partnership where we are invested in your end-use success. You win, we win.

One of the top reasons to buy Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is our superior material control. We start with 5/16” copper rod in house and draw it down to a finished gauge & stranding and manage each step of the cable’s construction. This gives Kalas complete control of the quality, efficacy, and craftsmanship of each Cathodic Protection Cable. At Kalas, we are proud of our manufacturing process and the complete control it offers to our customers.

Lastly, something Kalas offers through being a fully integrated manufacturer is options. We offer gauges 4/0 – 12 standard in our Cathodic Protection Cable and #2-#8 in Halar and Kynar constructions as well as special stranding and custom print.

So the next time you are in the market for Cathodic Protection Cable, we hope you choose Kalas so you can choose quality and peace of mind for each critical Cathodic Protection application you have.

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Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 4/0 – 12.
Insulated with High molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE)


Halar Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 2 – 8.
Insulated with High molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) with an insulation wall of ECTFE (Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene) fluoropolymer Halar.


Kynar Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 2 – 8. Insulated with high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) with an insulation wall of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Kynar.

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