Executive Team

Founded by engineers, Kalas has always been a solutions-based provider of wire and cable applications. Our unique vertically integrated business and production model allows for a comprehensive and technical approach that is unmatched in the industry. Leading Kalas as president and CEO is a third generation family member who brings with him the same dedication and values that launched the company over 60 years ago. Jack Witwer grew up within Kalas and the wire industry, learning not only what it takes to run the business, but also how to provide valuable solutions and quality products to our diverse customer base.

Kalas is constantly evolving to find new ways to deliver value to our customers, and our leadership team boasts both diverse backgrounds and tenured functional experience to help continue to shape our vision and keep us moving forward to achieve new levels of excellence.

Jack Witwer

President & CEO

Dennis Melnyk


Rick Kile

VP of Supply Chain Operations ECPD

Kym Calabretta

VP of Sales & Marketing

Wanda McCue

VP of Technical Sales and Market Development

Jeff Trees

Director of Engineering Bulk Wire

Kelly Fasnacht

Human Resources Manager

Jared Reed

VP of Operations