United to Improve the Lives We Touch.

The Kalas Foundation

Created in 2009 through the combined efforts of Kalas, Sylvin Technologies, Inc., and WICU, the Kalas Foundation was established to lend financial, emotional, and physical assistance to individuals and organizations in need within the communities where our associates live and work.

Disbursement Process

A disbursement team comprised of manufacturing and office associates from Kalas meet bi-monthly to review grant application requests for support. Each inquiry is evaluated upon the following criteria:

  • Is an associate of Kalas impacted?
  • Is the organization 501(c)(3)? (required)
  • Does the organization have a history of support from the Kalas Foundation?
  • Is the organization/need within Lancaster or Berks county?
  • Is the request for support linked to educational purposes?

An executive council meets quarterly to review the actions of the disbursement committee, the financial contributions to increase its scope of reach, and ultimately, to ensure the core philosophy of the Kalas Foundation remains at the heart of its efforts; united to improve lives.

Visit KalasFoundation.org to see photos and read articles about our latest involvement.

If interested, complete a grant application as well as a donor request form found on the foundation website, and we will review your submissions at our next disbursement meeting.

*Please note, the Kalas Foundation does not support endowment campaigns; conferences or conventions; other foundations; individuals; medical research organizations; golf tournaments and other sports events. All organizations must be 501(c)(3) to qualify for assistance.

United to Improve the Lives We Touch

We are grateful for the years of being able to donate to organizations making big impacts on our communities where we live and work.