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Bulk Wire 

Gina Becker

Strategic Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0814

E-mail: gkbecker@kalaswire.com

David Hackman

Strategic Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0147

E-mail: dlhackman@kalaswire.com

Pat Hobbs

Inside Sales Representative

Phone: 717-335-0157

E-mail: pkhobbs@kalaswire.com

Sam Lopez

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0197

E-mail: sclopez@kalaswire.com

James Roman

Inside Sales/Product Manager

Phone: 717-335-0135

E-mail: jrroman@kalaswire.com

Gwen Wagner

Inside Sales Representative

Phone: 717-335-0194

E-mail: gswagner@kalaswire.com

Kim Weachter

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0113

E-mail: ksweachter@kalaswire.com

Janina Weik

Senior Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0261

E-mail: jmweik@kalaswire.com

Cameron Woyurka

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0108

E-mail: cswoyurka@kalaswire.com

Engineered Cable Products

Crystal Kilby

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0184

E-mail: ckilby@kalaswire.com

Jennifer Johns

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0192

E-mail: jhjohns@kalaswire.com

Spenser Henry

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0148

E-mail: sahenry@kalaswire.com

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