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We have highly capable, caring representatives ready to support your specific wire & cable needs!

Below are our exceptional sales team members ready to give you the customer support you need. If you don’t know who to contact, you can reach out on our generic contact form and someone from our customer support team who specializes in your industry will get back to as soon as possible.

Bulk Wire & Cable Customer Support Team

Jamie Catania

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0157


Sam Lopez

Product & Program Specialist

Phone: 717-335-0197


Matt Mundorf

Strategic Sales Manager

Phone: 717-335-0814


James Roman

Market Manager

Phone: 717-335-0135


Adam Strouse

Director of Channel Marketing

Phone: 717-335-0148


Gwen Wagner

Strategic Sales Manager

Phone: 717-335-0194


Brandon Walter

Welding Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0296


Kim Weachter

Account Manager

Phone: 717-335-0113


Janina Weik

Manager of Bulk Wire Account Management

Phone: 717-335-0261


Specialized Battery Cables Customer Support Team

Antonio Colon

Director of Business Development

Phone: 717-335-0176

Jennifer Johns

Manager of Account Management

Phone: 717-335-0192


Kalas Team Exhibits at Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo
Celebrating our employees June Honoree Kim Weachter
Kalas Exhibiting at NGWA Groundwater Week in Las Vegas at the Westgate
Celebrating Associate of the Quarter Janina Leid

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Over the past 60 years, Kalas has become a leading manufacturer of copper wire & cable vertically and strategically integrated for superior material control. We are dedicated to delivering dependable solutions, constantly evolving in order to find new ways to serve our customers, become better and build our collaborative partnerships and technical expertise.

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