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Our engineers love a challenge, and we love customers who present us with something that we haven’t seen before. Beyond our ability to provide a wide range of solutions, Kalas can also service your exact needs with a reliable, quality product.

The engineers at Kalas are solution driven and partner with our customers to develop solutions that will best fit their application. One of the ways we interface with customers is in the development of 3D CAD renderings depicting the final product. These renderings can also be placed within the final application to validate fit, form and function.

Kalas is proud to offer product development capabilities and support, as well as extensive collaborative applications engineering support. The engineers at Kalas are known for going into the field with our customers and working side-by-side to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


Since our founding in 1958, Kalas has taken ownership at each stage of the manufacturing process for our copper wire and cable products. We begin with copper rod and draw it to suit the unique specifications of our customers’ needs and applications, to create products that are both reliable and cost effective.

Our vertically integrated business model allows us the flexibility to adapt to the changing demands of our dynamic portfolio of customers, and our in-house production capabilities, including state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, inventory management and logistics allow us to adapt to a wide range of niche markets and applications.

Each of our processes has been designed to take full advantage of this integration so we can meet our customers’ requirements. For Kalas, the ability to set an industry standard level of vertical integration is key not only for our quality control, but also for providing our customers with broad capabilities and tailored solutions.


At Kalas, we are always challenging our stringent quality-control practices to ensure our wire and cable products are both consistent and reliable in the field. Our vertical integrated business model allows for rigid standards of quality at each stage of the production process.

Kalas utilizes a custom Shop Floor Control System that allows for an unprecedented level of associate input within the quality-control process. By soliciting the ideas and feedback of our associates and their teams, we have developed process controls that allow our 60-year tradition of quality to deliver peace of mind to our customers across the globe.

Kalas is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, and our Engineered Cable division is also TS 16949 certified. Our industry certifications represent our dedication to offering the highest level of quality and service to our customers.


All of our products start with copper – it is at the heart of what we do and why our customers value our ability to manage this chemical element to best serve their needs. As a traded commodity, copper is subject to volatile price fluctuations over any period over time. Kalas has developed several unique pricing options for our customers that allow them to manage copper. These include fixed pricing solutions as well as prior-period averaging. Either way, Kalas is positioned to offer tailored solutions to help manage the fluctuating cost of copper that exist in the market.

One of the many ways that we leverage our knowledge of the industry is the application of our proprietary Inventory Management System. This automated process allows Kalas to monitor a customer’s wire and cable usage and replenish their stock efficiently and effectively, and is just one more way we deliver value to our customers.


As a manufacturer with an engineering focus and technical sales support structure, Kalas ensures an ongoing investment to ensure our continuous improvement. We collaborate with our customers to understand their challenges and unique needs and take action to improve and address the underlying challenges and opportunities our associates identify. Kalas also has a Continuous Improvement Team, constantly searching for areas of process improvement to streamline, automate and enhance our core business processes.

By maintaining an environment of constant improvement, Kalas is a collaborative wire and cable solutions provider that makes it easy to do business. It is this singular goal that keeps us searching for new ways to improve our business practices and deliver dependability to our valued partners.


Business is always changing, and in order to succeed and thrive, the ability to adapt is key. Kalas has developed a philosophy of flexible manufacturing – small, variable lots and short lead times. Our manufacturing agility allows us to meet customer needs with exceptional reliability and quality assurances. Kalas’ made-to-order wire and cable is also available in adjustable lot sizes to help adapt to varying market conditions.


Unique within the industry, Kalas offers our customers custom-package and line-sequencing solutions. Our returnable and reusable containers offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard shipping containers and reduce costs to customers at the same time.

Kalas is also happy to partner with customers to develop a line-sequencing program. By working hand-in-hand with customers, we are able to produce kits that seamlessly integrate into the flow of an assembly line. Our engineers’ understanding of a customer’s unique needs helps to increase efficiency and save a great deal of time and labor costs.


Kalas’ vertical integration grants us the capability to bring an unrivaled expertise to not only the production of the end product, but to the individual components in each product. The engineers at Kalas are extremely experienced in UL and SAE construction and are able to bring that experience to bear within each component of our wire and cable products.

This serves to ensure that customers not only receive the highest-quality product, but that we are able to service a wide range of industries and their particular needs in an expedient and efficient manner.

Customizable Enhancement

Custom print, cable color, packaging and value-add services.

Customer Serivice

Devoted respresentatives who care about supporting your company and understanding your unique needs.

Exceptional Support

Knowledgeable engineers with the know-how to create new products to better serve our markets and customer specific constructions.

Trustworthy Integration

Ownership at each stage of the manufacturing process from copper rod to every solution needed to achieve a final product. 

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