Our suppliers are our partners.

Kalas places high value in the key strategic suppliers that we have partnered with today. Through our partnerships, we strive to provide the best quality, delivery, technical knowledge and price to our end customers.

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Current Suppliers

Suppliers may send an email to docs@kalaswire.com to request any of the following information:

  • Kalas part drawing or specifications
  • Deviation/Process Change form
  • Scorecard requests
  • Shipping/Logistics routing guideline or pick up request form or send email to logistics@kalaswire.com

Suppliers may email information directly to docs@kalaswire.com

  • ISO/QMS certificates
  • W9 form
  • Insurance Liability certificate
  • Quotes for RFQs

New & Prospective Suppliers

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Download The Kalas Supplier Manual

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