Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are common when it comes to choosing your wire provider. We understand that.

That’s why our customer support team is available and educated to support you at every turn, to answer every question and support your every need. Here are some questions we hear often. If you don’t see your answer, reach out to our customer service team so we can support you today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each customer comes to Kalas with their own unique needs making the questions we get too specific to list here. However, we hope some of these will ease your mind and guide you in the right direction as you consider working with us. We are here for you – contact us if you don’t find your answer!

We hope the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions can help your buying journey.
What will the lead times of my order be?

Great question. There are endless moving parts - how much copper is on hand, how many orders have been placed before we get an order, what other wires are already running that can easily transition to the products you're ordering. These are just some of the elements that go into our lead times. 

When we get an order, or when you call to inquire on lead times, our customer service team can look into all of the relevant elements and give you accurate estimates for when what you like to order will be in shipped and in your hands. If you want to look into lead times for a specific part, contact our customer service team who can assist you as soon as possible. 

Is there a lengthy set-up process to start doing business with Kalas?

Not with Kalas. You may experience a set-up process with other large manufacturers that delay your first order, but because Kalas is an all-in-one cable provider, you can get into our customer base quickly. We have people dedicated to entering new customers into our system and getting your order in the queue no matter how long your history with us. We treat each and every customer as an important partner to our business.  

Where do you ship? Do you ship to my region?

We ship worldwide! No matter where you live, we can figure out the delivery process. To speed things up, we have our main facilities on the east coast, and two additional warehouses - one in Las Vegas, NV and one in Tulsa, OK to get your products delivered as quickly as possible.

For orders outside of the US, we have time tested delivery options with the most reliable big-name shipping providers. You can even select the method of delivery if you have cost savings plans set up with our providers already. Learn more by talking with our customer service team on how we can get you the products you need

Do you create custom cables? I need a very specialized product - something made unique for our machines.

We sure do. In fact, we have a whole division devoted to creating specially engineered battery cable, terminated cable and various other specialized wire and cable products. We suggest you visit our Battery Cables webpage to get acquainted with some of the products we've made and currently provide and then reach out to anyone in our customer support team to begin the process of allowing us to create what you need or simply answer questions you may have to see if you'd like to invite us to partner with you in providing your unique product.

I'd like to have unique print on my wire. Do you offer that?

We certainly do. We want to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to creating the cables you want and need. We offer custom print in a range of options - inkjet, indent print (PermaPrint™) that will not wash or wear off, and digital printing. A lot of our customizations are listed on our Kalas Industrial page. If you can't find what you need, contact our customer service team to learn how Kalas can help craft the quality cable you'd like to design. 

Do I have to order a stock quantity or may I buy the exact quantity I need?

We sell both - you can order a unique quantity and amount of wire, or you can buy stock for the products we stock. The benefits of ordering a stocked item is speed of delivery and cut costs, if that's what you are looking for. However, most of our customers order exactly what they need and that tends to be a unique quantity based on their needs. Reach out to customer service to learn more about how we can help you get the exact amount of cable you need. 

What type of packaging do you offer?

We provide a lot of custom packaging and reel programs to suit our customer's unique needs. For bulk wire, unless specified we ship of wooden or metal reels. If desired, you can enroll in our returnable reel program which cuts costs for you. We then shrink wrap the reels to keep your products safe and as clean as can be upon delivery to your facilities. 

In small runs, you have a lot of options. Many of our terminated cables are shipped in cardboard boxes best sized for the cables ordered. There are also customers who like to have their terminated cables shipped in their own plastic containers which are returned and reused. Customers who order small runs of welding wire, finished leads, whips, grounds and various industrial cables have severl options. We have two proprietary packaging options we offer - one is a shrink wrap bag which seals small coils into a bag with a handle that can be easily carried. The second is our custom non-crushable cardboard boxes that come in three sizes, each which nestles your cable into a neat coil in the center. You can see images of these on our Kalas Industrial webpage

Want to learn more, reach out to our customer service team and they can inform you of all the options we have for packaging as well as talk with you to create something that suits you. We are open to suiting new unique needs every customer brings. 

What type of quality tests do you undergo so I can trust the cable I'm buying from Kalas?

We are thankful to have customers that care about quality as much as we do. We undergo intensive testing and periodic auditing from UL, RoHS, ISO, MSHA and more. Each cable has testing unique to what the customers need. Please visit the unique website for the cable you'd like to order where the certifications for that cable are listed. You can also look into our About Kalas pages as well as the Services & Solutions page of Kalaswire.com where we list many of the practices we undergo to ensure quality and reliability for each cable we manufacture. If you would still like an additional assurance for the quality, we would love to have you reach out to our engineers and quality team on site. Please contact us to learn more today.

Where do we send Return Material requests and what documentation is needed?

Send the Return Authorization request to your Account Manager. The Manufacturing LOT number, Date, Purchase Order Number, Sales Order, Part Number, Footage and Pictures must be provided. Proof of Delivery is needed for Carrier Damage or Lost Freight. If the Bill of Lading is signed complete, no freight claim or credit can be provided. Account Management must approve the RMA as outlined in Kalas Terms and Conditions in order to process the request in our quality system. Return authorization paperwork will be sent back with details to process the return.  

How do I find a spec sheet?

Visit Bulk Wire & Cable, Scroll down to view our Line Card, continue scrolling to bottom of page to Kalas Bulk Products and click any category or product type to view and click download spec sheet. 

Ask your account representative for customer-specific dimensional reports or part number specific datasheets. 

Where do I find ROHS, CMRT, Prop65 and REACH?

Visit Certifications and Quality , select the Document of choice and save the file. Send a request for REACH documentation to your Account Manager and provide the Kalas part number or Customer Part number.   

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