Battery Cables

Creating custom terminated battery cables with dedicated technical support.

Producing more than five million heavy duty battery cable assemblies for our valued partners leading the agriculture, truck, construction, and a variety of other industrial markets globally. Commitment to on-going training and education assures the most current research and technology implemented into your products and how we produce them.

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Industry leader

Strategic partner to blue-chip customers & global brands for custom terminated battery cables across a broad spectrum of markets including busing, trucking, agriculture, construction, material handling, marine and more.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Specializing in small lots with high variability, Kalas offers strategic vertical integration of copper stranding, insulating compounds and terminate value-add services. We offer a comprehensive product line from basic components to specialized customer specific constructions designed for power distribution.

Trusted Experience

Backed with expert engineering assistance for cable design and custom constructions. Kalas provides the skill and experience needed for the highest quality manufacturing and price-effectiveness.  Products are tested with on site UL/SAE product testing laboratory. Custom line sequencing, special packaging and component kits offered.


For use on tapered battery posts, Kalas die cast terminals have proved themselves in a wide range of industrial applications. They are a cost-effective product that is popular for off-road equipment such as forklifts, bulldozers and farm tractors. The pressure-cast lead design is reinforced with steel insert and provides an excellent electrical bond.

Available in sizes #6 thru 4/0

Single battery style

Multiple battery style

Terminal configurations

(all available as positive, negative or universal):

  • Straight
  • Elbow
  • In-line 
  • Loop
  • Tee
  • Auxillary
Die Cast Terminals

Kalas offers a selection of boot styles for all types of its terminals, cables and harness assemblies.

Simple Lug (Ring) Cables

Our ring terminal cables are terminated with closed barrel copper lugs in both straight configurations and styles bent at an angle.  Thimble cables can also be supplied in combination with other terminal styles, including flag terminals. Products are available with almost any hole size and with special tongue lengths.


Kalas manufactures harness assemblies for starting and powering requirements. We offer a comprehensive offering of basic configurations to complex, custom designs. Available features include multiple wire ring-to-ring connectors, as well as all types of terminals, covers and power connectors. 

Battery harness assemblies
Battery harness assemblies
Battery harness assemblies

Ground Straps

Kalas Ground Straps are constructed of braided tinned copper in sizes #10 thru 4/0 plus other custom sizes available on request. They are available with a wide range of hole sizes and various terminal types.

Ground Strap

Remote Jump-start terminals

Kalas jump-start units provide a remote auxiliary terminal that is installed away from explosive battery acid fumes. These products also provide a convenient connection when the batteries are not easily accessible. Our patented design features a heavy-duty brass stud molded directly in a high strength insulating material. One end is supplied threaded and formed for attachment of a cable assembly; the other end provides positive connection for a jump-start clamp. We also offer specialty insert-molded stud assemblies which can be used as terminal blocks, pass-through connections and other applications

Remote Jump-start terminals


  • Single or dual jump-start lugs
  • Power stud design
  • Front connection design
  • Rear connect design
  • Pass-thru stud styles for junction blocks and marine bulkheads

Protective Coverings

Kalas protective coverings offer protection from abrasion, flame, heat, oil/fuel and other environments.

Representative materials include:

  • Convoluted conduit – nylon, polypropyelene and polyethylene
  • Heater hose
  • Clear vinyl loom
  • Nylon
  • High temperature thermal sleeve
  • Other special coverings on request
Protective Coverings

Molded Maintenance Free Battery Cables

Kalas maintenance-free cable assemblies provide extra protection against harsh environments. Terminals are crimped to the cable, then encapsulated in PVC. When installed, this design forms a weatherproof seal to maintain the superior electrical characteristics of the terminal. 

We produce configurations for all types of series and parallel applications, in sizes from #6 thru 4/0. There is a complete selection of terminal styles to mate with battery nuts, jump start nuts, ½” studs or special hardware. 


Terminal Configurations:

  • Straight, in-line and flag types
  • Stackable and non-stackable versions
  • Designs for auxiliary stud
  • Available with lead wires

Starter cable styles

(mate with battery cable or battery box jumpers): 

  • Single battery
  • Multiple battery – flag or in-line designs

Battery box jumper cable styles:

  • Top post
  • Side post
  • Designs for two battery and multiple battery hook-ups

Custom packaging

Kalas terminated cable products can be shipped as bulk items or kitted together with related accessories, components and materials. Kalas offers line-sequencing to your specifications and ready for installation with special labeling also available. 

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