Remote Jump Start Terminals

Kalas jump-start units provide a remote auxiliary terminal that is installed away from explosive battery acid fumes. These products also provide a convenient connection when the batteries are not easily accessible. Our patented design features a heavy-duty brass stud molded directly in a high strength insulating material. One end is supplied threaded and formed for attachment of a cable assembly; the other end provides positive connection for a jump-start clamp. We also offer specialty insert-molded stud assemblies which can be used as terminal blocks, pass-through connections and other applications. 

Available in:

• Single or dual jump-start lugs
• Power stud design
• Front connection design
• Rear connect design
• Pass-thru stud styles for junction blocks and marine bulkheads


Customize your remote jump start terminal:

Kalas offers a selection of boot styles & protective coverings for all types of its terminals, cables and harness assemblies.

Click the links below, fill out the forms according to your needs and get them back to us.
We will then work with you to create your exact cable!