Power Harness Assemblies

Power Harness Assemblies

Kalas manufactures harness assemblies for starting and powering requirements. We offer a comprehensive offering of basic configurations to complex custom designs. Available features include multiple wire ring-to-ring connectors, as well as all types of terminals, covers and power connectors. 

Terminal Configurations:

  • Completely customizable

Available in:

• Multiple wire ring-to-ring connectors
• Various terminals
• Protective coversings
• Power connectors


Customize your battery cable:

Kalas offers a selection of boot styles & protective coverings for all types of its terminals, cables and harness assemblies.

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Over the past 60 years, Kalas has become a leading manufacturer of copper wire & cable vertically and strategically integrated for superior material control. We are dedicated to delivering dependable solutions, constantly evolving in order to find new ways to serve our customers, become better and build our collaborative partnerships and technical expertise.

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