Molded Maintenance Free Battery Cables

Molded Maintenance Free Battery Cables

Kalas maintenance-free cable assemblies provide extra protection against harsh environments. Terminals are crimped to the cable, then encapsulated in PVC. When installed, this design forms a weatherproof seal to maintain the superior electrical characteristics of the terminal.

We produce configurations for all types of series and parallel applications, in sizes from #6 thru 4/0. There is a complete selection of terminal styles to mate with battery nuts, jump start nuts, ½” studs or special hardware.



Terminal Configurations:

  • Straight, in-line and flag types
  • Stackable and non-stackable versions
  • Designs for auxiliary stud
  • Available with lead wires

Available in:

(mate with battery cable or battery box jumpers):
• Single battery
• Multiple battery – flag or in-line designs


Battery Box Jumper Cable Styles:

• Top post
• Side post
• Designs for two battery and multiple battery hook-ups

Customize your battery cable:

Kalas offers a selection of boot styles & protective coverings for all types of its terminals, cables and harness assemblies.

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We will then work with you to create your exact cable!