Kalas UtiliFlex™ 90°C Non-Shielded Jumper Cable

We pride ourselves in being the manufacturer of the industry’s best cable in several markets. We manufacture the industry’s leading welding cable,  ToughFlex and the ultra flexible orange FlexWhip™, among many others. Now we add to the family of reliable industry leading cables: UtiliFlex™  90° Non-Shielded Jumper Cable.

What Makes Kalas Able to Create Superior Cable? 

What makes our cable more reliable and preferred than the competition? Several factors come into play. Here at Kalas, we have a history of over 60 years in copper wire & cable manufacturing, which has given us the opportunity to refine and perfect our cable for higher quality. We draw our own copper for superior material control and our vigorous testing regimens we put all products through create wire & cable that customers can rely on. 

What Makes UtiliFlex™ Superior Jumper Cable? 

Specific to  UtiliFlex™  it meets ASTM F2321 standards having Flexible and Rigid Insulated Temporary By-Pass Jumpers. The Jumper Cable Jacket is EPR CV-cured and tested to prove resistance to abrasion, heat, moisture, and O-zone. The annealed copper stranding is extra flexible, making this cable easier to work with on the job than other cables on the market.  Its temperature performance is rated from -60C to 105C per NEMA WC71 and is water resistant. All testing is done 3rd party so you can trust the quality and durability when in use.

UtiliFlex™ Construction

To dig a bit deeper in to the construction of Kalas UtiliFlex™, its conductor is annealed Flexible Bare Copper per ASTM B3 & ASTM B172 or Tinned Copper per ASTM B33 & ASTM B172. The separator is semi-conductive tape separator between the copper and EPR Insulation. The insulation is Thermoset Ethylene-Propylene Rubber (EPR) as outlined in ANSI/NEMA WC-71.

UtiliFlex™ Options

Being the fully integrated manufacturer that we are at Kalas, we provide our customers with options when it comes to their specific needs. For the  UtiliFlex™ 90° Non-Shielded Jumper Cable, we offer gauges 2ga 15kV, 1/0 15kV, 2/0 15kV, 4/0 15kV, 1/0 25kV, 2/0 25kV, 4/0 25kV, 1/0 35kV with Standard Print (example): UtiliFlex™ 2/0 AWG 15KV JUMPER ASTM F2321 — MADE IN USA in the standard orange jacket. Custom print and custom colors available upon make-to-order request.


When you are deciding on Jumper Cable, quality is of upmost importance when working in dangerous conditions out in the field. That is why we make UtiliFlex™ 90° C Non-Shielded Jumper Cable – so you can have confidence in our reliable, tested and flexible cable.

UtiliFlex™  90° Non-Shielded Jumper Cable details

Visit our  UtiliFlex™data page for details. You can view more details about this superior cable, download our specifications sheet and click to view our entire Utility Cable Portfolio

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