2020 Kalas Christmas Card Designs

This year we once again went to our associates to design our 2020 Kalas Christmas card designs. We opened the contest to all associates with dependent children to create and send in drawings to be selected. The entries were all adorable and we are grateful for each child who created a design as well as for the associates who participated. It was a treat to see them come in!

This year we selected 2 card designs and made equal quantities of each to send to our associates, customers & community to say Happy Holidays and how thankful we are for each of them.

Congratulations to the winners –

  • Easton Hall, age 5, son of Dan Hall, Kalas plant 2 Supervisor who drew the snowman
  • Alexis Bair, age 8, daughter of Jamie Bair, Kalas Lancaster Supervisor who drew the reindeer

We hope each and every recipient of our holiday cards this year and every person reading this blog post has a safe, joyful, and healthy holiday. Here’s to making the most of the season in this unique year and toasting to a great start to 2021!

2020 Kalas Christmas Card Designs

Cathodic Protection Cable with Proven Quality

Cathodic Protection Cable is utilized specifically to protect important structures from corrosion. Sometimes referred to as CPC, Cathodic Protection Cable is used to protect pipelines, water tanks/hot water heaters, ships, boats & marine construction areas, storage tanks, well casings, steel structures, chemical plants, bridge construction, and other industries exposed to corrosive elements (salt or brackish water, chlorine, etc.). Quality is critical for every use of Cathodic Protection Cable because if your cable fails, your structure will eventually fail as well.

So what would constitute a Cathodic Protection Cable you can trust to withstand such applications and protect important structures from corrosion? This article will detail for you what to look for when shopping for Cathodic Protection Cable and will help you learn how to select a cable you can be confident will stand up to your application.

What matters when selecting your Cathodic Protection Cable? 

When it comes to cathodic protection, you need to select a cable that has been proven to withstand the harshest environments without compromising electric current or function. The elements below are aspects you should look for when buying Cathodic Protection Cable:

Insulation & Jacketing 

There are often 3 Cathodic Protection Cable constructions to choose from – all of which Kalas manufactures. They are:

With each construction, the copper conductor is covered with a polyethylene plastic proven to be able to be buried, withstand corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, and maintain flexibility for ease of use and long cable life.


If you find a Cathodic Protection Cable without proven use from years of customer experience – beware! With so much on the line when in the field of Cathodic Protection, proven safety for your cable is crucial. At Kalas, we have 60 years of backed history in cable construction to assure you we know what we are doing and are able to create the specialized cable you need, and have decades of customer experience to assure you of our Cathodic Protection Cable’s reliable construction.

Our Cathodic Protection Cable meets requirements ASTM D 1248 I, Class A, Cat.4 Grade E5 and is proven to remain safe and reliable in temperatures up to 75°C. Always choose a Cathodic Protection Cable that touts proven safety and reliability over time.


You want to make sure you’re selecting a cable that will not compromise connectivity so your corrosion protection is sound. With each of our Cathodic Protection Cables, you are assured of excellent connectivity with their bare copper conforming to ASTM B-8 that is drawn & stranded in-house so we can scrutinize and control each stage of the process for superior assurance of quality.


A combination of our copper stranding and insulation allows exceptional flexibility which helps each industry and application. This is something you want to look for and have assurance it will not lose flexibility or effectiveness over time.

Why Buy Cathodic Protection Cable from Kalas?

Buying Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is a good decision based on our superior quality backed with an over 60-year history of excellence in the cable manufacturing industry and decades manufacturing Cathodic Protection Cable to longstanding customers.

Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is extremely durable. As stated above our cathodic cables meet the requirements of ASTM D 1248 I, Class A, Cat.4 Grade E5, and are proven to operate in temperatures up to 75°C while maintaining resistance to abrasion, corrosion, sunlight, water, burial, and more.

Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable has had proven results. We have more than 60 years in manufacturing copper wire & cable, touting a history of expertise and quality. Therefore we are able to put our customers’ minds at ease by assuring they are receiving a product manufactured by experts in the field and vetted through experience. Specifically, when it comes to our Cathodic Protection Cable, we have been in the field for many decades with proven results from customers we consider our partners. When you buy Kalas CPC, you also get a partnership where we are invested in your end-use success. You win, we win.

One of the top reasons to buy Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable is our superior material control. We start with 5/16” copper rod in house and draw it down to a finished gauge & stranding and manage each step of the cable’s construction. This gives Kalas complete control of the quality, efficacy, and craftsmanship of each Cathodic Protection Cable. At Kalas, we are proud of our manufacturing process and the complete control it offers to our customers.

Lastly, something Kalas offers through being a fully integrated manufacturer is options. We offer gauges 4/0 – 12 standard in our Cathodic Protection Cable and #2-#8 in Halar and Kynar constructions as well as special stranding and custom print.

So the next time you are in the market for Cathodic Protection Cable, we hope you choose Kalas so you can choose quality and peace of mind for each critical Cathodic Protection application you have.

We are here to support you. Reach out to our customer support team who are ready and able to support every need large and small.

Have questions about our Cathodic Protection Cable? Fill out our contact form and our sharp team members will answer them.

Ready to have Cathodic Protection Cable you can trust to do the job, suit your needs, and not fail you? Reach out through our request a quote form today!

We look forward to supplying your Cathodic Protection Cable and satisfying your desire for a cable that is better than the rest!

Visit our Cathodic Protection Cable webpage

Learn about each product and read our Cathodic Protection Cable Catalog


Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 4/0 – 12.
Insulated with High molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE)


Halar Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 2 – 8.
Insulated with High molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) with an insulation wall of ECTFE (Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene) fluoropolymer Halar.


Kynar Cathodic Protection Cable

Available in gauge 2 – 8. Insulated with high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) with an insulation wall of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Kynar.

Kalas Cathodic Protection Cable Catalog

Quality Characteristics of Kalas Flexible Cord

Flexible Cord – also known as Flexible Cable, high-flex or continuous flex cable, or Flex Cord is one of the less understood cables in our product catalog and can require a lot of technical knowledge to know which kind and what options to select. That could be because the use for Flex Cords is vast and the need for selecting the right type is high lest you run a safety hazardThat’s why we wanted to offer this article to provide some education about our Flexible Cord products and how Kalas is a superior choice to supply your flexible cord needs.  

What is Flexible Cord? 

To put it simply, flexible cords are often the cable used to take power from a source directly to its end-use application. Examples of that could be for use in lighting fixtures, small and large appliances, vacuum cleaners, and more. At Kalas, we manufacture three cables in our Flex Cord category – they are our Extra Hard Service Cord, which we understand is a deceiving title since “Extra-Hard” and “Flexible Cord” seem to be contradictions which we will explain, Hard Service Cord, and our SVT/SVTO cords. The reason the first two products listed have the word “Hard” in their title while technically being Flexible Cords, is that term signifies their jacketing is up to withstanding “hard” use. These two cords, our 600V Extra Hard Service Flexible Cord and our 300V Hard Service Cord, are supremely jacketed to safely distribute power and withstand the often-significant bend radius required when using or installing Flexible Cords. 

For example, think through a common service cord like one that plugs in a small appliance in your home – that cord may be used over and over, and you may bend it into a tight space to fit into your outlet. Therefore, it would be important that your cord is constructed safely enough that the copper stranding and insulation within it is built properly so it will not fray and will be able to stay as goodasnew over the life of the appliance. That’s what our hard” flexible Cords provide.  Below we will describe the unique qualities and variety of Flexible Cords we offer so you can better determine which would suit your application the best. 

Extra Hard Service 600 Volt PVC & TPE Flexible Cord 

First, we will talk through our Extra Hard Service 600 Volt PVC & TPE Flexible Cord. This cord is one of the products with the most selection when it comes to choosing your gauge and various options. That means with Kalas you can create the exact small or large enough cord to power and withstand the use your application reqiures.

We offer 18/2, 18/3 18/4, 18/5, 16/2, 16/3, 16/4, 14/2, 14/3, 14/4, 12/2, 12/3, 12/4, 10/2, 10/3, 10/4, 8/3, 8/4, 6/3, 6/4 , 6/3, 8/1, 4/3, 4/4 gauges and special stranding upon requestYou can also select bare or tinned copper as your conductor which can give you an option that is able to withstand corrosion or soldering to a higher degree. Lastly, we also offer our customers the option of jacketing with PVC (polyvinyl chlorideor a TPE (thermoplastic elastomermaterial which can give you a little more assurance of resistance to abrasion as well as chemicals. 

So depending on your use, you can create the exact 600 Volt Flexible Cord you’ll need. Each cord is insulated with PVC, meets the UL and CSA requirements for your selected construction so you can be confident in the quality, safety, and reliability of the cord you receiveWe can manufacture each cord to your liking to be ST, STO, STOO, STW, STOW, STOOW, SE, SEO, SEOO, SEW, SEOW, or SEOOW. We realize that’s a lot of information and can be confusing – all that to say, we are here for you, knowledgeable, and able to create the exact 600 Volt Flexible Service Cord you need. 

300 Volt Hard Service Cord 

Second, we would like to highlight our 300 Volt Hard Service Cord which is also available with your choice of a bare or tinned copper conductor and with PVC or TPE jacketing, insulated with PVC and constructed to meet UL & CSA requirements. This product we can manufacture for you in gauge 10-18 with 2, 3, or 4 conductors. The reason you would select this cord over our 600 Volt really depends on your job. We highly recommend viewing and understanding the NEC (National Electric Code) which goes into detail as to what cord you need, but typically our 300 Volt Flexible Service Cord is placed in small appliances like space heaters, electric fans, and similar small electric devices. The benefit of ordering flexible cord from Kalas, is that you get expertise and options. We can manufacture your cord to be SJT, SJTO, SJTOO, SJTW, SJTOW, SJTOOW, SJE, SJEO, SJEOO, SJEW, SJEOW, SJEOOW, SJT-R, SJTO-RSJTOO-R, SJTW-R, SJTOW-R or SJTOOW-R or 18/3, 16/3 and 14/3 fillerless cord – all of which will be manufactured with the same excellence that comes from our 60-year history in manufacturing copper wire & cable and our vast team of highly specialized engineers. Quality you receive when you buy from Kalas which other companies may not be able to.  

Both of our 600 V and 300 V Flexible Cords can be customized to have special stranding, non-wicking polypropylene, reinforced paper, or jute fillers and customizable inkjet print legend or PermaPrint™ indent print that will last the lifetime of the cable. Simply reach out and let us know what you need and we can make your cord a reality. 

SVT & SVTO Cords 

Lastly, we want to highlight our SVT & SVTO Cords. SVT stands for Service Vacuum Thermoplastic and SVTO stands for Service Vacuum Thermoplastic with Oil Resistant Jacketing. This cord is used in Vacuum Cleaners, Food processors, or Office Equipment for the most part. It comes with a bare copper conductor insulated and jacketed with PVC with an operating temperature of -40°C to 105°C.

You can order this cord in 18/2, 18/3, 17/3, 16/2, or 16/3 gauge all of which will be manufactured to meet the UL Standard 62 for Flexible Cord and CSA requirements give you the reliability and assurance you need to assure end-users of safety. The 18/2 and 18/3 gauges can be fillerless enhanced with a micro-poly strength member for mechanical strength. 

The composition of this cable provides excellence in durability because the conductors within are twisted with or without fillers. This twisting of the strands offers a tensile strength that can withstand high usage and bending – a perfect construction for something like a vacuum cord which needs to remain safe and reliable when frequently yanked and turned every which way! We also offer this with non-wicking polypropylene, reinforced paper, or jute fillers and custom print.  


We hope this article has helped to increase your understanding of our Flexible Cord selection, why we call them “Hard Service Cords and helps anyone in the market for these types of cables to see the superior construction, customization, and support ordering from Kalas provides. We can handle any question you may have regarding our Flexible Cords and have highly attentive, informed, and educated customer service representatives that help make your experience of creating and ordering Flexible Cord from Kalas a positive experience. 

So, if you’re confused or just want to talk through options for any of these cables, reach out today. We would love to provide the answers you need or if you’re ready, we can give you quotes and lead times right away.  

Thank you for choosing to research your cable before buying. Safety is of the highest priority with these cables and we want to help everyone receive the quality they need when ordering and using Flexible Service Cords!  

Kalas Flex Cord 600V Wire and Cable

Kalas Extra Hard Service 600 Volt Flexible Cord

Bare or tinned stranded copper conductor insulated with PVC and jacketed with PVC or TPE to conform to UL and CSA. PVC available 105°C. TPE available 90°C or 105°C. ST STO STOO STW STOW STOOW / SE SEO SEOO SEW SEOW SEOOW and over 20 gauge options.

Kalas Flex Cord 300V Wire and Cable

Kalas Hard Service 300 Volt Flexible Cord

Bare or tinned stranded copper conductor insulated with PVC and jacketed with PVC or TPE to conform to UL and CSA. PVC available 60°C or 105°C. TPE available 90°C or 105°C. SJT SJTO SJTOO SJTW SJTOW SJTOOW / SJE SJEO SJEOO SJEW SJEOW SJEOOW SJT-R SJTO-R SJTOO-R SJTW-R SJTOW-R SJTOOW-R and 10-18 gauge with 2, 3 or 4 conductors.

Kalas Flex Cord 300V Wire and Cable

Kalas SVT & SVTO Cords

Bare copper conductor insulated with 105C PVC, twisted with or without fillers, and jacketed with 105C PVC to conform to UL and CSA. Rated for 300V. *18/2 and 18/3 fillerless enhanced with a micro poly strength member for mechanical strength.

Why Kalas GenFlex™ Type W is the Power Cable You Want

At Kalas, we understand that choosing a Power Cable for your heavy-duty applications is a serious decision. Whether you are powering generators for disaster relief, equipment for mining, large outdoor productions, active facilities, or other high-stakes situations that require consistent reliable power, there’s a lot on the line if your power fails. Your power cables and systems need to be able to withstand environmental factors and extreme use. Before selecting the type or brand of cable you choose to power your end-use, you need to find a cable you can trust with all you put it through.

That’s where Kalas GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable comes in. Let us explain why we believe our Type W Cable is the brand you want when making your selection for purchase.

What is Type W Power Cable?

Before we get too deep into why you would choose Kalas’ Type W Power Cable over the rest, we don’t want to assume you know the ins and outs of Type W Power Cable. Type W Power Cable is basically a heavy-duty cable. What makes it different than other Industrial Power Cables and Cords is its ability to power extreme uses. Type W Power Cable generally consists of bare copper conductor core insulated with Ethylene Propylene (EP) and jacketed with Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) which results in a cable that is flexible, durable and can maintain it’s properties in extreme temps, weather and compression. Perhaps this isn’t new information and you already are familiar with Type W Power Cable and what it’s generally used for. If that’s the case, all we need to share is why would you choose Kalas’ GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable before it’s the competition? We’re glad you asked.

Why Choose Kalas GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable?

When it comes to Kalas’ Type W Power Cable, we give you not only the basics of reliable construction but peace of mind as you can trust you’re receiving a quality that outlasts the competition.

Complete Quality Control

First, we make every one of our wires & cables from scratch in-house. That means from the very start we get to control the quality of your cable and can vouch for each inch of it. We order our own copper rod and draw it to the precise stranding your cable requires all while assuring it to be defect-free and as conductive as possible. Next we go through extensive quality testing before selecting insulation and jacketing suppliers to assure our customers will receive a product that lives up to and exceeds expectations with which it’s purchased.

Tested and Proven for Durability

Before rolling out any product, we put it through extreme testing. Our GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable has been tested and proven to meet the requirements of UL Subject 1650; CSA PPC 22.2 – 96 and the MSHA Flame Test. It’s tested and proven to be rated for use in accordance with National Electrical Code (NEC) article 400 and NFPA 70 such as used in generator leads, battery leads or motor leads, heavy-duty, or temporary power supplies and light to medium duty mining applications. When you buy Kalas’ GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable, you also buy assurance that your cable will hold up to and resist abrasion, sunlight, chemicals, oil, and water offering you superior cable life in the harshest environments. Because of the quality of our Type W cable, it’s also rated to temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to 90°C (194°F wet or dry), so even in extreme temperatures, you’ll be able to rely on our Type W remaining consistent and flexible to move with ease without compromising conductivity.

Trusted history

At Kalas, we come backed by a 60+ year history in cable manufacturing. It’s not something we rest our laurels on either. It’s a 6+ decade history of excellence, continuous improvement, and reliable partnerships with each and every customer. When you buy Kalas, it is our commitment that you know you also buy quality and expertise. Our engineers and production associates are highly trained and backed by vetted experience which directly goes into the quality of the cable you buy. Quality and expertise matter – especially when your need to rely on power in critical situations as with Type W Power Cable.

Customization & Options 

One of the huge perks of buying from Kalas is the number of capabilities you can choose because we are a fully integrated manufacturer with facilities that can do it all. With GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable, you have the choice of ordering 4/0 – #8 gauge which comes sequentially printed with our PermaPrint™ indent print that remains visible & lasts a lifetime even with extreme use. Our GenFlex™ Type W Cable we stock 4/0, 2/0, 1/0, and #2 on 2,000’ put-ups making your order in that quantity ready to ship out the door fast while we also offer custom lengths to suit your exact needs. Simply as for made to order when you contact us


If you’re still reading, that means you’re probably in the market for Type W Power Cable or will be someday and are taking your decision of where to purchase seriously. We fully respect and value that, believing reliable, quality power should be what everyone receives when they purchase power cable. Sadly, we know that’s not always the case. So we are here to assure you that it is possible to buy a Type W Power Cable that is reliable, durable, and a cut above the rest in purely sending power where you need it to go. If you have any questions at all about GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable please reach out so one of our kind informed customer support team members can ease your mind and help you more fully understand how our cable can support your work. If you’re ready to begin your journey of buying the highest quality cable while receiving excellent service, you can fill out our request a quote form today.  

Visit our GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable web page to read deeper into features and specifications.  

For related products and information you can visit:

We look forward to serving you and providing you a better cable for your heavy-duty power needs! Be prepared for the next storm, gig, power outrage, mining job, and more by starting your ordering or inquiry today. 

Type W Portable Power Cable

GenFlex™ Type W Cable Gauges

We manufacture 4/0 – #8 gauge so you can order the gauge that suits your need

Type W Power Cable with Indent Print Sequentially Marked

PermaPrint™ Indent Print

GenFlex™ Type W Power Cable comes standard with our PermaPrint™ indent print that lasts a lifetime even in extreme use. 

Kalas Type W Sample Kit Cable

Request a Sample

As we said, we realize ordering Type W Cable is a big decision. Order a sample so you can see the quality up close. Ask us today. 

Kalas Foundation Donates Hand Sanitizer

The Kalas Foundation was established in 2009 to ensure a steady stream of financial assistance remained available – in good times and bad – to support the agencies throughout the communities in which the associates of Kalas Wire & Cable lived and worked. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to prioritize our 2020 disbursements specifically to causes & people impacted by the virus and preventing its spread.

Most recently, we have purchased 500 gallons of hand sanitizer and filled 900 bottles for their distribution. Pictured below, is our recent donation to Declaration House and Real Life Ministries, who were grateful to have the ability to safely distribute food to families in need. The Kalas Foundation is honored to be able to partner for this very worthwhile community cause.

If you should have a request for hand sanitizer for a community organization in Lancaster or Berks counties, please email KYM at kcalabretta@kalaswire.come or RACHEL at rlheisey@kalaswire.com and together, we can improve the lives we touch!

The Kalas Foundation
Kalas Foundation donates hand sanitizer
Kalas Foundation donates hand sanitizer

The Most Flexible Welding Cable

We pride ourselves in being the manufacturer of the industry’s best welding cable, ToughFlex, and the reasons that cable continues to be the best-selling cable on the market. Many of those qualities overlap onto our other welding cables – such as how we draw our own copper for superior material control you can trust, having over 60 years of history in manufacturing cable to perfect our products for higher quality and our vigorous testing regimens we put all products through to create products you can thoroughly rely on. In this post, we want to share about our sister to ToughFlex – FlexWhipFlexWhip is our most flexible welding cable. Where our standard, ToughFlex is already extremely flexible, FlexWhip takes it even further.  

What Makes FlexWhip™ Flexible? 

The major difference between ToughFlex and FlexWhip is that ThoughFlex is a 30 (0.010) gauge bare copper conductor whereas FlexWhip we draw down even finer to Class M stranding which is 34-gauge bare copper conductorThe design of FlexWhip welding cable provides superior flexibility, giving you ultra flexibility when needed where leads, stingers/ whips, and grounds are used.  

Flexible, but also Durable? 

Our process of heating the copper rod and drawing it, allowing it to cool slowly, removes internal stresses and toughens it while increasing its flexibility through how fine a gauge we make the copper strands. The result – a cable you can twist, bend, and move with ease because of its high flexibility which can equally withstand the harsh environments welding can often require.  

Safety is a big deal when it comes to selecting the welding cable you choose, and we take that seriously. We understand that the more flexible and fine copper strand becomes, the more assured customers need to be of the cable’s safety. There are serious safety issues if stranding is uneven, too thin, or prone to break, which definitely needs to be understood by the manufacturer you choose to buy a product like this from. That’s why we share with all of our customers the vigorous testing FlexWhip undergoes and the certifications it holds to assure its safety, reliability, and durability 

What Makes FlexWhip™ Better than the Competition? 

It took us years, but through vigorous testing and refining, we have created an extremely flexible yet just as durable welding cable that touts unmatched reliability compared to the competition in the market. Combine that with our numerous customization options, Kalas’ 60+ year history of manufacturing and our excellent customer service and you have a product that rises above the other options.  


Here’s what gives FlexWhip it’s sustained durability. First, it is insulated with a high-grade RoHS compliant EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) jacket proven to resist cuts, tears, abrasion, grease, oil, water, and flame. It also has a paper separator to enhance stripability. FlexWhip™ has an operating temperatures range from -50°C to + 105°C, is rated to 600 Volts, and meets the National Electrical Code article 630 for electric welders and UL VW-1 flame test outlined in UL1581. It’s our hope that that provides the fool-proof assurance you need when selecting your flexible welding cable that you’ll receive a reliable product every time you buy FlexWhip. 

Customization & Options: 

We offer FlexWhip in gauges, #2 – 2/0, in the industry-standard orange jacket signifying flexible whip cableFlexWhip is 250 ft. and 500 ft. Reels, making those lengths easy to ship and get in-hands quickly while also offering custom lengths upon request. Each cable is sequentially marked with the option to customize the print legend and even use PermaPrint™ indent print which will not wear off. We offer custom packing of all welding cable giving you the option to purchase cable coiled, boxed, or shrink-wrapped in 25, 50, or 100 ft. Lengths. And one of the things that makes us unique, is we also offer fully finished assemblies. You can order FlexWhip in the unique configuration your work requires with Lenco & Tweco connectors creating the custom assembly you desire. 


We hope that reading through this helps you understand the difference between FlexWhip and ToughFlex while also revealing several reasons why FlexWhip rises to the top when it comes to selecting a very flexible whip cable. If you have any questions about FlexWhip or any other product we sell, reach out and one of our kind, intelligent proactive customer support team members will get back to you quickly. If you’re ready to begin your journey of better cable and service, you can fill out our request a quote form today.  

Visit our FlexWhipinformation and read our product data-sheet.  

Visit our Welding Cable Industry Pages for More Information:

We look forward to serving you and providing you a better cable and ordering experience! 

FlexWhip™ REel

FlexWhip™ Welding Cable

We stock 250 ft. and 500 ft. reels, making orders in those increments extremely easy to ship right out the door quickly including cut lengths in 25’ increments.

FlexWhip™ The Welding Industry's Most Flexible Orange Welding Cable

Welding Cable Assemblies

We offer full-service completion of assemblies so customers can buy finished whips, leads, and grounds right from us in a wide array of welding connectors from top brands such as Lenco and Tweco.

Colored ToughFlex™ Welding Cable


FlexWhip™ comes in #2 – 2/0 and a vast array of possibilities for customization. Custom lengths, print legend, packaging, and more.