Celebrating Barb Michael Living Our Values

Meet Barb Micheal. Barb is a joy to Kalas and this quarter we got to recognize her for being so by honoring her as our Associate of the Quarter for Living Our Values.

Barb works out of our Lancaster office as our Pricing Analyst for the whole company. This is no small job. She solely manages all price lists for both Bulk Wire and Engineered Cable Products Division (ECPD) – a role that requires a lot of time, attention to detail and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to support our customers with timely accurate pricing in the midst of copper’s ever changing value.

Spend any amount of time around Barb and it would be no wonder why she is our associate of the quarter for her character. She takes her role in stride – always flexible to responsibly perform and even improve upon her job all while smiling and showing value to every coworker she passes in a day. Barb has been with Kalas for 7 years this May and in that short span of time, she has become a treasured Kalas family member – even called by some their “work mom”.

She touts that name proudly as she has also, despite the demands her role entails, taken on the role of ECPD’s “Wellness Mom” sending weekly encouragement and updates to the entire team she works alongside helping our Lancaster office be the healthiest they can be in 2019. She herself is a very warm and healthy individual, loving to spend quality time with her family and friends, take walks with friends or her husband, spend time in the garden and get away with travel to new or nourishing places for her. Her favorite part of working at Kalas are her interactions with her coworkers. It’s often you’ll find her walking with someone at lunch or creating friendly meaningful connections while she gets her job done.

What makes Barb so special and a perfect choice for our Associate of the Quarter Living Our Values is that she naturally lives them and with humility. When asked why she thought she was selected her response was “I have no idea”… and yet it is very clear to everyone else who get to enjoy her presence at Kalas that she exceptionally expresses all of our values: Caring, Integrity, Giving, Rewarding, Respect & Honesty. So much so, when asked if any one value resonated most with her over the others, she responded “All of our core values are important. It is hard to pick one. Integrity, honesty, respect, caring and giving are all intertwined together. If you value one, you value them all.”

We agree Barb and we can tell you truly do value them all. Join us in thanking Barb for all of the heart, generosity, humility & joy she brings to our company day in and day out. We are glad you’re a part of the family!

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