Kalas Awarded Blue Bird Outstanding Supplier in Electrical

For years, Blue Bird has been a valued customer of Kalas Manufacturing. The Blue Bird Corporation is the leading manufacturer of school busses. Their corporation has an intentional focus to manufacture buses that are wanted and valued once purchased. To ensure they uphold that focus, they have four driving priorities as stated on their website “safety, quality, durability, and serviceability”. That means every part that goes into their busses must provide those priorities and add to the value and desirability of owning a Blue Bird bus.

Considering the level of quality and care Blue Bird puts into their products, it’s no small honor to be recognized as one of their suppliers let alone receive an award from them. In December, Kalas was awarded Blue Bird’s Outstanding Supplier in Electrical for 2019 being recognized for the excellence in delivery, quality and technical support Kalas provided throughout 2019. This was no small feat. It was a group effort from Kalas engineering, account management, process, planning, production and shipping to support Blue Bird in the exceptional ways we have. Therefore, it is with great celebration we receive this award which identifying Kalas as a valued supplier to Blue Bird who went above and beyond to meet their needs.

We want to thank each & every associate who supported our partnership with Blue Bird in 2019 and every year prior. It was due to your meticulous creation of each cable, your energy to work together, be proactive, build quality products that ensure safety and get each order shipped on time that we were recognized. It makes us proud to know we have a Kalas family who delivers excellence… that is something to celebrate! 

We are grateful to Blue Bird for honoring us with this award and we are excited to continue delivering exceptional products and customer service for years to come. 

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