Kalas Launches 1/0 & 2/0 Pump Cable

Kalas is excited to announce its latest product introductions – 1/0 & 2/0 Heavy-Duty Submersible Pump Cable. Available in 500’ and 1,000’ reels, or in custom-cut lengths, the product has sequentially marked footage, and is in stock & ready to ship now!

“The addition of 1/0 & 2/0 gauges to our extensive portfolio of products allows Kalas to support the growing need for large gauge cable in the well water market. Large gauge pump cable creates new opportunities for both Kalas and our partners. We are excited to offer this new product to our customers, and to continue to work to ensure our products and services meet their needs,” comments Dave Hackman, Kalas Product Manager.

For detailed product specifications, go to our Well Water Pump Page.

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