Kalas Family Breakfast Supporting Forgotten Friend

This past Saturday, Kalas hosted a Forgotten Friend Reptile event co sponsored by the Kalas Foundation. The event was a breakfast for all associates and their families in conjunction with a Forgotten Friend reptile show. The event was a hit for all ages from start to finish! Kalas associates enjoyed a hot breakfast and time together while Mr. Jesse, founder and president of Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary performed a fun and educational reptile show.

Mr. Jesse brought reptiles of all varieties. There were iguanas, snakes large and small, lizards and more all open to interact with and even hold around the necks of some brave volunteers! Mr. Jesse’s mission when performing reptile shows is to educate viewers in order to trade fears around the animals for fun and a desire to care for reptiles in need. Outside of events like the one Kalas hosted, Forgotten Friend is a nonprofit reptile rescue and educational outreach in our community working towards the prevention of cruelty to animals. Since 2004, Mr. Jesse has be saving reptiles in need of homes. Once rescued, reptiles at Forgotten Friend are cared for, strengthened and helped to find new homes.

Shows just like Kalas’ event are offered by Mr. Jesse in schools, libraries, media outlets and more educating people of all ages and helping them exchange fears for laughs and wonder. All attendees to our event would be proud to say Mr. Jesse did just that! If you are interested in learning more about this fun event, the work of Forgotten Friend, or in adopting an a rescued animal, visit https://forgottenfriend.org/ to learn more and see where Mr. Jesse will be performing next.

Take a moment and enjoy the delightful photos from Saturday’s event below!

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