Supplier Information Exchange Day at Volvo

On June 12th, Volvo hosted a Supplier Information Exchange Day at their New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia. Three suppliers were invited to meet with Volvo’s logistics team for an overview of their returnable program (emballage) and a tour of NRV with a focus on operational excellence. Chris Gockley, Wanda McCue and Darlene Garcia from our office made the trip and were very impressed.

“Volvo’s manufacturing plant is world class! It’s bright, clean, and organized with Kaizen events summarized on all lines and line of sight metric boards. They even have a garden! When we walked onto Volvo’s factory floor, they had a staged showcase that varies depending on tradeshows or customer visits and was personalized for our visit. One of the featured trucks on the floor was the Breast Cancer Awareness truck that Volvo uses in promotions, tradeshows, and parades. Her name is Steel Magnolia.

We are so proud to partner with Volvo. Their efforts in changing their culture and operational excellence inspire us to drive change!”

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