Celebrating Associate Glenn Moyer Living Our Values

Our Kalas Core Values of caring, integrity, honest, respect, rewarding and giving are at the heart of our company. So, when we see associates who clearly take them on and live them out as their own, we celebrate them. This month, we’d like to introduce you to one of these special Kalas family members seeming to effortlessly live out all of our values… meet Glenn Moyer!

Glenn has been with Kalas for 40 years now! That’s a long time. Yet, when talking to him you can see why. There’s as much delight in his life around here today as perhaps 4 decades ago. Simply take a short walk with Glenn around the Lancaster manufacturing floor toward his work station and you’d likely hear positive stories from his life in the community, sense genuine humility, witness some smiling and laughing while he helps associates on the floor and all with an observable joy.

Glenn’s 40 year presence at Kalas has been a win for everyone. He is the perfect fit for his role in our family at the same time as his extraordinary character infuses the lives he touches here with every passing day. 

Glenn works out of our Lancaster plant as our Engineered Cable Products Division Maintenance Mechanic. Every day he arrives at the ready to fix and serve any associate or workstation in need of assistance. Glenn really enjoys working in our Lancaster location where he is at today. Every day is different. He never knows what tomorrow will bring. His work is full of surprise and challenges. And despite most of his work being unexpected, he loves the feeling that whatever arises he knows what to do to solve the puzzle and will “make it happen”. If ever a challenge or goal he sets for his day isn’t accomplished before he heads home, he even looks forward to coming in and working on it again the following day. His entire attitude toward his work and his 40 year career is one of serving the needs that arise and a willingness to always help as needed.

His attitude of joy, serving and living with integrity goes beyond our walls as well. Glenn actively serves in the Patriot Order Sons of America and is soon to become President of Camp 211 based out of Mohnton. He discovered this community after learning his grandfather served as well. It’s been almost a couple years now of him serving with this community devoted to upholding the Constitution, benefitting school systems and spreading brotherly well-being in the area they serve. He is also a member of various other organizations and local communities that are focused on improving the lives they touch, just like Kalas. 

There’s not one Kalas Core Value he doesn’t exhibit on a regular basis. Read through our values defined below and you can see why Glenn is a very special associate here.

Please thank Glenn Moyer the next time you see him for all of his life-giving energy he brings and has done so for over 40 years. Glenn, we are thankful for you and celebrate you!  

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